Some have wondered what it would be like, you know: Working From Home.

Others dreamt of the day it would be a normalcy around the world, so they could …

Well, that day has come! Pretty much 75% of the world is trying its hardest to stay at home, in hopes of reducing the spread of COVID 19. That means that home offices are popping up everywhere & more everyday!

Lighting, Lighting, LIGHTING!

If possible, set up your office/workspace near a window. Benefits of natural lighting include:

Our team here at JFuerst Real Estate Photography want to highlight important things to keep in mind when setting up your home office:

  • Better Sleep
  • Increased Alertness
  • Boosts ones’ mood
  • Fewer mistakes
  • Reduces Eye Strain

Add Plants!

Not only do they supply fresh oxygen & are something to care for (nice distraction, right?!), they also:

  • Eliminate airborne toxins (such as chemicals from cleaners, polishes, carpets, etc..)
  • Nature’s humidifiers
  • Grow vegetables & it will produce food!

PRIVACY (or lack of)

Having a quiet place to work may not be your current situation, we hear ya! To help get around a noisier workplace, consider the following:

  • Earbuds/headphones — will help to isolate certain sounds
  • Portable Screens — helps to shield the work area from nearby activities.
    (As in grabbing the iPad & running outside to the backyard for a quiet alternative for that zoom conference call)
  • White Noise — turning on low music, or perhaps air filter/fan, or perhaps an actual white noise machine or app to help muffle the sounds.
  • Signage — create a sign for the door or the area you are working to let people who share the space know without disrupting you when your in your meeting/conference call/video conference!


Establish a routine. You know, your working hours & the hours you are off work. We realize this will be different for everyone & every situation! Give yourself grace & time to find your new routine, but a great starting point would be your regular routine.

Sticking to your schedule will help not only you, but whoever is also sharing the space. Will help to know when perhaps you may need to be quiet for another persons call/video conference & vice-versa.


Include exercise and movement — stepping away from all the screens/your office area. Working from home, one may not be as physically active as when you had to commute to work.

Different Layouts

Check out some stellar home office that we have shot, would love to hear your favorite in the comments below!

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