Social Media Cut – Why video a MUST for 2021??

Keeping visible in a sea of Social Media Platforms is hard to navigate & we often hear from our clients that it is plain hard to keep up on top. Our team is often asked by our clients how they can stand apart from everyone?

Social Media Cut

What is a ‘Social Media Cut’?

Social Media Cut simply the best way to stand out and stay on top of your social media game. Video increases engagement with your audience and another way to relate with your audience/clients. Our Social Media Cut’s can be used as a teaser to lead your clients and potential clients to your website for more information or directly to you.

Having videos is another way to view how engaged your audience really is. How, you may be wondering.. Well it is simply looking at the video’s you share with your audience, take a deep look into the completion rate. Looking at the completion rate instead of the view number, is a great indicator of how deeply engaged your audience really is.

Take a look at a Social Media Cut for yourself, click play now:

Brand Awareness

We realize that this is something that is near impossible to measure, but if you have a ton of people sharing your video/media and/or more people are visiting your website/landing page/page than usual – one can draw the conclusion that the traction is paying off and brand awareness is being built.

Adding video really does a number of things, all positive of course, but a big result that is often not discussed would be the brand awareness that videos naturally create. By including your brand in the videos that are being made is huge in reinforcing to viewers your brand & the power your brand has.

Increase traffic!

Video is seriously a fantastic tool to hook your audience into pursuing a listing. Video has a unique way to evoke emotion, to allow the viewer to seamlessly tour a listing without ever leaving the comfort of their own home, to let the property sell itself.

Search Engine Optimization

Adding videos to your social media marketing strategy does many things to improve it, mainly it helps you stand apart and stay on the top. Search engines will index videos that are correctly tagged and especially ones with an attention-grabbing thumbnail.

Educate your audience

Video gives you the ability to have more time and space to effectively get your message across. By adding a Social Media Cut to your Markeing Toolbelt – you are able to correctly add video to exactly where you need to drive the most traffic to you.

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