4 Tips to Virtually Show a Listing

Across the nation, we are all somehow affected by the world pandemic.  Naturally the real estate industry is also affected & our team would love to offer some assistance when ..

Showing your Listing’s During a Pandemic

Social distancing, wearing masks, and the general vibe of ‘stay home when you can,’ is the general recommendation across the USA.  Staying safe does not mean that realtors like yourself can not be still highly active, providing those who find themselves in need of your services to buy or sell a home.

Today our team at J Fuerst Real Estate Photography would like to highlight a few ways to safely show a listing during a world pandemic:

Tip #1: Professional Video

Unable to walk potential buyers around a listing?  Potential buyers in a high risk category? Or are they simply not able to physically see the property? Our team at J Fuerst Photo has got you covered, with professional videographers, drone pilots, and world class editors.  The team will make you feel like you’re right in the property with our Video tours.

Best part about video?  Instead of the headache of scheduling walk-throughs – You can send the video to potentially thousands of people.  If they have any questions for you their realtor, you’re phone or video chat away!

JFuerst Video Tour – Gold Package

Tip #2: 3D Floor Plans

There is a time when one needs the functionality of a good Floor Plan.  We do this as a 3D tour; able to give a comprehensive floor plan along with the Immersive 3D tour of the interior.  

Tip #3: All things Virtual: Tours, Staging, Landscaping, Twilights.

Best way to change shots of a property without actually changing anything!  Not sure if you were aware that our team has 4 different ways to virtually change the photographs we take:

  1. Staging. Vacant property?  Our staging artist will drop in just the right furnishings to make the space look appealing and inviting
  2. Re-Staging. Cluttered property?  We will reconstruct the room by ‘photoshopping’ out the clutter. Next, we virtually stage the property so that it looks appealing and inviting.
  3. Landscaping. No Grass? Dead Grass?  Our team has got you covered and will make you have green grass instead of dirt.
  4. Twilight (Day to Dusk). Never nighttime? We can take a photo in the daytime and make it look like it was taken at dusk.

The process for anything and everything virtually that we do here at J Fuerst Photo; let us know which images from your shoot you would like to be virtually staged, restaged, landscaped, or made dusk.  We’ll work on those images and return them to you when completed (typically under 1-2 days)

Tip #4: Video Conference Call

The creative option of the agent hosting a virtual tour via video conferencing; as in Zoom video conferencing,Google hangouts, Facetime, whichever platform you both mutually decide on.  Can be a great way to be of service to your clients & able to highlight the listing as you show it.  If this is an option you are thinking of trying – we recommend giving it a ‘trial run’ to see if there is good enough service for the call.  

Well, now you know how to successfully virtually show a listing!  If you have another way to virtually be of assistance, please do leave it in the comments below – sharing is caring!

For more information on any of these services discussed in today’s blog, please contact us, our team would love to help.

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