5 Things to Consider when setting up your HOME OFFICE

Our team here at JFuerst photo would love to share a few different considerations to ponder while setting up your home office.

1.Office Space

Consider having a spot to ‘unpack’ your office daily. It can be the corner of the dining room table or a TV table in the Living room or perhaps in the walk-in closet (no judgements!)
Or if you are fortunate to have a spare room with a corner you can use. A door to close during important calls or video conferencing is helpful when you have it to use!

2. Get Dressed

Working from bed in your PJ’s will get old, trust us! We are not saying you need to iron your shirt every day, but if that was normal prior working from home — yes, continue to do so!
It is important to continue to do this little thing, it puts you in the state of mind & the simple action of getting dressed — that ritual alone — helps one to feel a sort of normalcy when things may not be.

3. Lighting

Natural lighting is best, as in setting up near a window. If that is not something you are able to pull off, simply make sure there is adequate lighting, so you are not squinting or straining your eyes anymore than you already have to.

4. Posture

Get a comfortable chair. Be AWARE of your posture, as if you have bad posture you will soon have a painful problem on your hands.

A helpful tip would be to set a timer for every 30 minutes to get up and stretch for 5 minutes or do some stretches & jumping jacks in place. Basically move, any kind of movement is great & not only helps your body/posture but your mind as well!

5. Clutter Control

Working at home, especially if you do not have a spare room/home office with a door, keeping your work area clean/clutter free is very important! Clutter zaps creativity & efficiency! Clean up & keep clean habits!

Our team would love to hear your tips & if you are now finding yourself working from home — would love to hear how its going for you!

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