You Asked, J FUERST Answered!

Having navigated 2020 and all the uncertainty that brought – our team took a deep look into last year and all the lessons learned, new services added, client requests, the highs, the lows, and really take all lessons learned to serve our clients even better than we have.

One thing stood out..

After researching 2020, a year we all will be talking about for the rest of our lives, something really stood out to us. The need for us to take more off your hands! Our clients are busy, but last year it seemed that everyone was busier than ever. Our team really noticed and came up with a solution that solves this issue & saves a whole lot of money

J FUERST Bundle Packages!

We are launching 6 new Bundle Packages to our Twin City market area, & soon to come to our other MSA’s! Every single bundle is built ultimately be the one-stop shop for our clients real estate marketing media.

What is in a bundle?

Maximum Savings. That is simply put. To better dive into the details, we highly encourage you to head over to our Website, or keep reading!

LUX™ Bundle

This bundle is created for the realtor that needs everything.

Included is our FusionTech™ photographs, Immersive 3D™ Tour, Premium Video Tour, Drone photos & video, virtual twilights, Social Media Cut video & a property website.
Want to see an example, check out this LUX™ example.
This bundle will save you anywhere from $393 up to $604, dependent on the square footage of the listing.

Classic™ Bundle

A step down, the Classic™ Bundle is the top option when Drone is needed or allowed.

Booking this bundle will free up so much time, as we take care of the photos to video, twilight show stopping images to the social media cut for sharing on all your social media platforms.
Included in this bundle would be the FusionTech™ Photographs, Immersive 3D™ Tour, Premium Video Tour, virtual Twilights, Social Media Cut video, and a property website.

To see an example, encourage you to check out this Classic™ example.
Savings for this bundle range from $93 to $304, dependent on square footage.

Highlight™ Bundle

As the name implies, this bundle gives a highlight of all the services!

Included would be FusionTech™ Photographs, Immersive 3D™ Tour, Premium Video Tour, Drone (photo & Video), a virtual Twilight, and a property Website for the listing.
Savings are HUGE, ranging from $253 to $514.
Check out this example of a Highlight™ Bundle.

Aerial Bundle

Name says it all, this bundle is all about the sky view! Included are FusionTech™ Photographs, Drone photographs and video, and a property website for the listing. This bundle has the amazing add-on of adding a Premium Video – a cinematic interior walk-thru for only an additional $50!
Examples for Aerial Bundles are HERE.

Video Bundle

This bundle is all things video & honestly a great way to stand out every listing. Video is a marketing media that is drastically under used & our team wants to encourage all our readers & clients to take advantage of the many benefits of adding it! Check out other blog articles of the importance of adding video today!

Include in our Video Bundle would be our signature FusionTech™ photography, 1 minute cinematic Premium Video Tour, social media optimized video, and a property website. To check out an example, take a look at this Video Bundle.

3D Bundle

Last by certainly not least, is our 3D Bundle. If 2020 taught us anything, it is great to have an option of providing a tour or the listing – whether or not the buyer is able to make it there in person.

Included in this bundle would be our FusionTech™ photographs, Immersive 3D™ Tour, and a property website. Example can be seen HERE.

If you want to look futhur into the details, please do check it out on our WEBSITE.

If you have any questions, please do give our office a call today,
someone is waiting to take your call today – 888 840 9962.

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