Schooling from Home: 4 Tips to Survive!

School season is here. 
However that may look for your family: all schooling is back to school, ½ in-school ½ in-home, all virtual schooling…  
Our team here at J Fuerst Photo wanted to share 4 tips on how to make the transition back to schooling as easy as possible amongst this pandemic!

4 Tips to Survive the ‘Back-to-School’ Transition

1.Allow time for the Routine change.

Getting back into a routine after a long vacation or time away from routine, it can be a challenge.  This year, this challenge has a different look as everyone may still be at home for this change in routine.  If getting back to school does not look like it has in previous years, do not despair.  Allow yourself a time to adjust, to create a new pattern and habits, be gentle on yourself and the others that are going through this change too! 

2.Set a schedule.

Schedules are important to keep everyone on track and to help in keeping open communication with everyone working/schooling/living from home to know if someone has an important virtual meeting or class.  Having a master schedule or (even better) sharing a Google Calendar will help everyone to be in the know.  Communication is the key, right?!

Also, concerning schedules, it is important if working/schooling from home to set boundaries around work space/time & home space/time.  It is important to make time to wind down, as you may not have that long commute to organize your thoughts – maybe now you schedule an after work walk to substitute. 

3.Breaks are important.

Naturally getting kids back to school, switching routines from summertime to school time – it can be an adjustment period.  Excitement for returning to learning is great, it also must be mentioned that we all will hit walls at some point or another.  This year is no exception, maybe even more important to take a break as the current situation has everyone on edge. 

We are not advocating for everyone to not do anything, but when you find yourself not being able to stay on task or your attention is wandering – this may be signs of burnout or anxiety or stress.  Everyone, kids & adults both, are fully aware (to some degree) that this year is different & unheard of events seem to be daily occurrences.

Take a short walk, skip a rock, call a parent/grandparent, check in with your friends, go for a bike ride or run or snowshoe or canoe.  It all helps us cope, connect, stretch the muscles and get the heart pumping.

4.Be Creative.

Remote work or learning is great, it also is a ton of screen time.  This may call for a bit of creativity for after school activities to not include as much screen time as once was.

Take this opportunity to try something new with your kids.  Doing a task together, like planting a plant, starting to learn a new language, geocaching in your neighborhood, virtual playdates with friends.

Those are the tips, would love to hear if you have some to add to the list!  Simply add them in the comments below – we are sure we could all use some great ideas!

Our team at J Fuerst Photo really does appreciate you for checking out this article & if you found it interesting or of some help, please do share!  Sharing is caring.

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