Property Websites and how they work for YOU!


Property Websites or Single Listing Websites are a great way to boost your marketing for your listing in today’s real estate market. You only have 8 seconds to capture a prospective buyer’s attention while they browse through online listings or see something on Facebook or similar social platforms. If your photos and marketing are done professionally, odds are they are going to at least take a look at your property. That is where you really can win with a Property Website. Once you’ve capitalized on their interest a Property Website draws their attention away from the noise of the listing platform they are searching and fully immerses them in your property! These Property Websites are independently functioning sites that hold all of your marketing materials whether you just get photos or have the full marketing suite!

What comes in a Property Website?

A Place for all your marketing

Your photos, videos, immersive 3D tours, floor plans all will come together in this space. Along with all of your marketing materials, these sites also include areas to add property details in an infographic form, property descriptions, a map, your agent information and a lead form to direct buyers right to you the agent! And who doesn’t love doing both sides of a transaction! The site even has a built in Video builder which pulls your photos and puts them together in a nice video and a Flyer builder to make your marketing even simpler.

Make it whatever you want!

Property Sites are fully customizable, so change your custom domain, layout style, the music, and even add banners advertising an open house or price change! There is so much to play around with, but it is all laid out in a user friendly experience. If you are worried about MLS compliance, don’t be! These sites have links for both Branded and Unbranded versions so you can follow all the rules and still market your listing for all its worth!

Unbranded Example

Branded Example

See how your listing is performing

These Property Sites also track the analytics of your listing, you can track Visits on your site and see a breakdown of what days got the most traffic and hits! These analytics are broken down into Total views, total visitors, and average time users spend looking at the page, so you can have a clear picture. You will also be able to see the names and contact information of anyone who completes a lead form!

Social Media

Property Websites make it easy for you to gain traction and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your listing. With easy sharing to all of your favorite platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Houzz, Pinterest, and over a 100 more social media platforms! 

Book a shoot today and see the difference that a property website makes in your marketing! 

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