Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Today is a day to honor Martin Luther King, Jr.

Inspiring words then & now

Not only a noble peace winner, a civil rights activist & gave well over 2500 inspiring speaches. Our team here at J Fuerst Photo want to honor his commitment to making community better for everyone, regardless of our many differences.

Community Fuerst, (pronounced ‘first’) is our initiative aiming to highlight Business’ in the many communities we are serving, in an effort to raise awareness of the many amazing owners who are succeeding, despite the systematic racism they faced/face.

There are many benefits to this program, including free portraits of business owners and employees, images of the business and Google street view enhancements.

Community fosters Unity

In reading this brings a person to mind that would benefit from this community initiative – please share & encourage participation. We truly do believe that in building a stronger more united community we can all honor MLK Jr. and what he wanted for us all!

For more information on our Community Fuerst, check out our website HERE.

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