8 things To Do July 4th, 2020

Happy Independence Day! 
July 4th, 2020 is here!

Our team here at J Fuerst Real Estate Photography wanted to share some ideas on how you can make the most out of this 4th of July.  Yes, this year will be a tad different than past celebrations, but we hope you too are making the most of it & celebrating this great nation we call the USA!

So to keep in the spirit of the holiday, our team has put together a list of activities that you may consider Independence Day 2020!

1. VIRTUAL tours of American Museums, Historical Sites and National Monuments

Plans to travel may have been cancelled, but seeing some of Americas National treasures have not been with the new virtual tours. A few to mention, many more out there, would be:

Statue of Liberty




National Museum of American History, Online Exhibitions:


Mount Vernon


2. Hold a Back/Front Yard Edition Hot Dog Eating Contest

This can be a fun addition to your day’s plans – simply organize via Instagram stories or invite neighbors to watch in front yards/streets.  Must warn, may bring out the competitor in the contests & make the social distance not seem as far!  The nice thing about Instagram stories – the evidence of how many hot dogs consumed is gone in 24 hours (probably a good thing, right!)

3. Run a Marathon – VIRTUALLY

Marathons may not have sprung to top of list when brainstorming activities for this 4th of July, but it is an activity that is exploding in popularity.  Yes, we realize that fun & run, to many, may not belong together. In our defense, 4th Marathons often have 5K runs/walks/strolls & these are really exploding in popularity.  It is nice to be included & able to do it anywhere or wherever you find your loved ones & yourself!  Give it a try & let us know how it goes in the comments below!



4. Sparklers & Fireworks (where legally allowed)

Firework displays are not a guarantee this year, so check with your area for what your community is doing or not doing.  If you would like a couple of options to view fireworks that are being televised – including previously recorded material & live performances.  Maybe you would like to set up your projector in the backyard and project the fireworks that way!  Here are some links to cities that are televising:

Boston: https://bostonpopsjuly4th.org/

Nashville: https://www.visitmusiccity.com/july4th

5. Bake a Patriotic Dessert

Dust off the measuring cups & spoons & whip up something red, white & blue!  Not only does it feel good to make a great dessert or couple dozen of muffins, but we highly suggest perhaps doing some drop-offs at your loved ones porches!  A Sweet way to stay in touch!

6. Backyard Camping

Grab the tent, roasting sticks & bring your scariest stories to the backyard over this holiday weekend.  Stay up late roasting s’mores & laughing with your family – great camping memories do not need to include the ump-teen hour drive!  Simple can be super fun & memorable!

7. Got kids? Get Crafty!

Holiday crafts that involve painting: the flag flower pots, painting a family of rocks, face painting, etc..  Build a fort out of boxes in the backyard – painting this can also be a fun activity. Remember if the weather is nice, an easy clean up would be pulling out the sprinkler & letting the kiddos run through!  

8. Go Berry Picking

If you are fortunate enough to live near a berry farm, berry picking goes highly recommended!  Berry farms always have plenty of space to spread out & oftentimes farms encourage you to bring a picnic lunch to enjoy before/after picking.  Bonus- you will return with a bounty of berries!

If we have missed an activity that you would love to share with other, please do add it in the comment section below – sharing is caring!

Happy Independence Day & stay safe!

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