Video Tour – Why you need them!

Video is VITAL in Marketing!

It is no lie that everyone has been online more this year than others, good ol’ 2020! It also should be no surprise how vitally important adding video to your real estate marketing is!

Video tours are the new Open House, except open 24/7!

Do not miss out on any potential buyers, sharing video is now preferred over sharing text or images! Have you booked a video tour yet? If yes, have you noticed an increase in traffic to those listings? We would love to hear it in the comments below!

Video help people see the actual size of listing

Video Tours allow one to walk the listing, inside to outside. It is very important to get a feel of what the property has to offer and it is something that only video is able to pull out and show all those potential buyers.

Did I mention that videos are naturally easy to share and everyone will want to share the Video Tour. It gives the real feeling of the property and truly helps a person to picture what it would be like to walk the property with out ever stepping out of the comfort of their home.

Video increases traffic!

The J Fuerst Photo team knows EXACTLY how to create Video Tours that engage, inform and ultimately connect people to listings.

Reach out to book a Video Tour ONLINE & do not forget our End of Year Special – running only until December 31, so HURRY!

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Seasons Greetings!

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