Why Hire a Professional Real Estate Photographer?

Real Estate Photographer Phoenix AZ

Why pay for photos when you can use your iPhone?

The short answer to the question posed above, look below: 

Check out that blog. Soak in the terrible, awful, horrible images. Let them burn in your retinas. 

Now, I’m not saying the photos you take with your iPhone, or the photos your brother-in-law’s uncle’s cousin’s niece takes for free are as bad as those. I’m sure they’re probably halfway decent, at least! 

The thing is, buying a house is a very serious business. There are large amounts of money and a lot of stress involved. If you’re in the business of selling homes, it just makes sense to do everything you possibly can to make sure the house is successfully marketed. One of those crucial things is investing in professional photographers to provide you with listing photos. 

First impressions are lasting, and they can make all the difference. It’s been said that we form our opinion about someone within the first ten seconds of meeting them.  Think about the first time you met some of your coworkers or clients– it’s highly likely that their physical appearance during your first meeting made a lasting impression on your mind. Did they have food stuck in their teeth? Was there a mustard stain on their pants? Or were they well-groomed and professionally dressed? Chances are their physical appearance made a difference in whether you wanted to spend more time with them.

It’s the same thing with shopping for homes. The potential buyers you’re trying to reach are inundated daily with new listings, and they typically don’t have a ton of time to closely inspect every listing on Zillow or Trulia. Chances are, if the photos of the home are underexposed, crooked, or the home looks cluttered and dirty, your potential client will move on to the next house. You need to make sure you’re marketing your inventory in a way that will stand out and catch the eye of buyers. 

That’s where we come in!

We provide gorgeous, awesome photos at ridiculously affordable prices. We make your properties– and you– look so good. Your clients will tell their friends that you are the hottest realtor around because you always get the best listing photos that really show off the value and charm of the homes!

It’s a win-win-win situation! We get to shoot beautiful properties, you sell houses, and your clients are excited about the service you provide them with and tell all their friends!

So next time you’re reaching in your pocket for your phone to snap some quick pics, remember us.

Remember what’s at stake. Give us a call!

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