To Decorate or Not-To Decorate?

Our team at J Fuerst Photo would love to extend a virtual hug & extend some of our excitement for the upcoming holidays! Pumpkin spice & all things nice; little drummer boy nutcrackers and sparkling trees; Santa, reindeer, elves and all the inflatable holiday yard decor! Bigger the better – more the merrier! It would not be a holiday with out the decor, right?!

Selling a home in this season can be extra stressful, we hear you LOUD & CLEAR! We are professionals in the industry, who are here to remind you that listing a property around/in the holidays can be a non-stressful event – trust us! Keep reading for helpful tips so you can create a plan!

3 Tips on Holiday Decorating while Listing!

This time of year is a slower pace, fewer houses for sale as many postpone until after the holiday.. Well, this is (and has been) not at all a typical year! So, it is also known Buyers are moer serious to buy now, before/during the holidays – as there usually is fewer options.

Our team would love to share our top 3 tips on decorating while listing. Oh, & if we missed any – please do leave a note in the comments, sharing is caring!

1. Clean & Less Clutter.

Our team considers this an ‘Ever-green’ tip. It is one that is useful all year, all situations when it comes to listing properties! Yes, we empathize that this can be a daunting task. We are also here to say that when you go through the process of de-cluttering a space, a person generally will continue to keep the space in said order!

You are essentially creating a great new habit by putting it in your calendar to ‘de-clutter’ spaces in your home (& office, too). This is a great foundation and often the first step in having a successful listing.

2. Marketing Media Before Decorating

No way around you will do the ‘Less is More’ strategy for decorating while listing. Having all the decorations one last time in the home may be a very important factor. Do not worry, this is completely a situation that we have the very solution for!

Have your Marketing Media shot BEFORE the Holidays!

Booking your Video Tours, Drone fly-overs, FusionTech™ images, & other Marketing Media prior the holiday decoration rush. It will save you valuable time in taking decorations down before photographed, as they may be super distracting.

3. Simplify.

It may be hard for some to not display all the treasured Decorations and Holiday trinkets. It is helpful to keep the following in mind when listing a property in the holidays:

Keep it Simple!

Trust us when we say that Buyers want to focus on the property, not the decorations!

Now you have an extra few tips & would love to hear if you had one to add to this list! If you think someone would benefit from this post, share – that is free to do!

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