Preparing for your Professional Real Estate Photoshoot

So what are we preparing for?! 

Here at JFuerst, we love photographing beautiful homes! We love looking through our fancy lenses at clean, organized, and wonderfully staged living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. We love it so much, we made it our business! 

You know what we don’t love? Cleaning. Tidying up. It’s really not our jam. The truth is, when we show up to photograph a home that’s not ready to be photographed, we would rather just cancel and come again another day (which is not convenient for anyone!). If we get roped into helping our wonderful homeowners to ‘tidy up,’ we will lose out on precious shooting time and our photographers will most likely end up late to the rest of their shoots for the day! & our photographers can have 5 or more appointments per day.  YIKES!

So how can you help us help you? By making sure your properties/clients are ready to go by the time we arrive at the shoot!  We have even created a beautiful, handy document to help you help us help you. You can download it here. 

In this document (which you can print out and give to your clients ahead of open houses and photoshoots!), you will find a checklist to help you and your clients prepare for a shoot with us! 

We recommend treating the photoshoot like an open house. Be prepared for the general public to see the whole home– even the nooks and crannies! It is not sufficient to simply shove clutter to one side of the bed or hide it behind the sofa. We shoot from every angle and chances are the clutter will show up, and then end up on the internet!

We all know it’s a stressful thing to have a house on the market. It’s disruptive to day-to-day lives, and it typically means hiding away a lot of the personal, memory-filled mementos and clutter that make your house feel like home. We get that, we do. But we also know that beautiful photos of a beautifully staged home can go a long way in selling a house. And that’s what we’re here to achieve!

In this real estate business, we all have our roles. It’s our job to photograph and quickly deliver awesome listing photos. It’s your client’s job to keep the home tidy and be aware of appointment times. And, as an agent or broker, it’s your job to make sure your clients and their home will be 100% ready for the photo shoot!

We try to make your job easier by letting you pick your shoot time, sending you reminders, and allowing you to cancel or reschedule up to six hours before a shoot if you think it won’t be photo ready! 

What do you think of the new staging checklist? Would you hand it out to clients? Is there something you think we’re missing that we should add in? Do you have any questions? Let us know in the comments below!

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