Is my House Clean enough?

A very common question that our team hears, often.

straight on view of kitchen, J Fuerst real estate photography

To help answer this question, our team came up with a super handy solution: a list of exactly what you will need to do for the property to be ready for the upcoming photo or video shoot, as seen below:

We are completely empathetic to the fact that having a spotless living space is tough, especially when you live in the place!

One very important take away from this article would be this:

The professional photographs or a video tour made are what the buyers are using to decide whether or not they want to go farther than looking!

Having an easy checklist takes the risk of not being prepared out of the equation! Trust us, the ones who see hundreds of listings a day, when we recommend that cleaning is not a corner that should EVER be cut.

Yes, it will be a challenge. We are here to say that it will be well worth it for you! Interested in downloading the list above? Simply head over to our website HERE – Scroll to the bottom & enter your email. Easy!

Interested in more information? Please do comment below or contact us – we would love to be of service!

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