Home (Staging) For the Holidays

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With the holiday season rapidly approaching, we take a dive into how you can still have a festive holiday season while trying to sell your home! Here are some tips and tricks that will help you sell your home while still having a holly jolly holiday season!

Keep it Simple!

Home buyers are often distracted by extra items in the home when staging so keep your decorations simple! Keep your decorating to winter themed items that are classic and simple, like wreaths on your door, simple holiday items around the house, etc. It’s also important to keep your decorations as neutral as possible, especially if you live in diverse areas where not everyone celebrates the same holidays. Although it is ok to decorate with subtle traditional elements, you can put up your tree, set up your menorah, etc. The saying stays the same even during the holiday season, Simple Sells!


The holiday season is a time where we put up more pictures of our family and friends, when selling during the holidays remember to take down all of your family memories and other items when getting your home professionally photographed and during showings. Also remember to tuck away all of your presents that are under the tree! Not only do presents clutter the view for prospective buyers, but there is no need to risk the slim chance that someone walks away with a stocking stuffer from your open house or showing!

“Is your house on fire Clark? No Aunt Bethany, those are the Christmas Lights.”

Don’t decorate like the Griswolds!

We all love driving past homes that have gone all out with lights and decorations during the holiday season, but when selling your home there is no need to be the next Clark Griswold… Keep your exterior decorations to a minimum, if you’d like to decorate with lights, we recommend taking it easy with some simple white lights around the house. Keeping in mind that you shouldn’t take any risks when hanging the lights as to not damage your house or gutters. To play it safe we would most likely recommend putting a hold on the lights until you find your new home that you can make shine like the Griswolds! 

The Simple Solution. courtesy East Texas Christmas Lights

Our Team at J Fuerst wishes you the best this holiday season! We hope our little tips and tricks help you have a great holiday and get you into that new home in the New Year!

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